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Best Web Hosting (2023)

The comparison of top hosting providers and their authentic reviews.

Digital Ocean Cloud – Top 10 VPS hosting

Digital Ocean Cloud

Digital Ocean is one of America’s best web hosting services available to web developers in over 195 countries. Founded in 2011, Digital Ocean Cloud specializes in cloud services and VPS hosting. Digital Ocean Cloud has servers located in the US, the Netherlands, Singapore, the UK, Germany, Canada, and India.

Digital Ocean Cloud offers several pricing options, beginning from $5/month and going up to $480/month. Standard Plan 1, which costs only $5/month, gives you 25 GB SSD storage, 1 TB bandwidth, 1 vCPU, and 1 GB RAM.

In contrast, the most expensive plan, Standard Plan 12, gives you 1920 GB storage, 10 TB bandwidth, 20 vCPU, and a 96 GB RAM. There are multiple in-between options you can explore, as well.

Additionally, the hosting service is very easy to use. Making an account and installing domains, and managing dashboards are very straightforward. However, the hosting plans and features are designed primarily for developers with high-end needs.

Since it’s cloud-based, you can personalize everything to your preferences. The interface is flexible, allowing you to access all visual servers and consoles at a whim. As for customer support, you can use the Digital Ocean website to fill out complaints/ask for help.

Digital Ocean is ideal for web developers because it uses SSD technology, DNS management, global image transfer capabilities, automated firewalls, and automatic cloud backups. All these are necessary for making speedy yet efficient virtual servers.

In case of any issues, you can always contact their support 24/7 through live chat or email.

Key Features of Digital Ocean Cloud

  • Block and Object storage
  • Load Balancers
  • Floating IPs
  • Enhanced encryption over documents (for security)
  • Multiple server locations to choose from


  • Very fast services
  • Affordable plans available
  • Easy to upgrade to new plans
  • Offers SSL certificates
  • Can use with multiple control panels


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