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Best Web Hosting (2022)

The comparison of top hosting providers and their authentic reviews.

Where does your website live?

July 11, 2020

According to an estimate, 1.5 billion websites are present on the internet. These websites Bare hosted on servers owned by thousands of companies. Big companies prefer private servers because of…

Web hosting guide – Pros and cons of different web hosting types

July 10, 2020

There are many different types of web hosting. Finding the right one can be difficult for a beginner. This article will explain web hosting, types of web hosting and the…

Web development 101: HTML basics for beginners

July 9, 2020

Everybody should know the basics of HTML. It will help us to do some basic tasks such as adding headings, images, analytics codes, and ad network codes. HTML also helps…

Tips to make a website user friendly and accessible

July 8, 2020

Since everyone can access the internet, your website should be accessible to everyone. The website content should be accessible and readable. Following are some tips to make a website user…

Plesk vs. cPanel 2020- A detailed comparison

July 7, 2020

A web hosting control panel offers you full control over your hosting setup. By using the control panel, you can: Add or remove domain names Add, remove, or edit the…

Plagiarism guide for beginners

July 6, 2020

When you use someone’s work without his/her permission or credit is known as plagiarism. It can be in the form of written material, audio, or video. Let’s understand some basic…

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