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Best Web Hosting (2023)

The comparison of top hosting providers and their authentic reviews.

Tips to make a website user friendly and accessible

Since everyone can access the internet, your website should be accessible to everyone. The website content should be accessible and readable.

Following are some tips to make a website user friendly and accessible:

Optimize Typography

The arrangement and design of web fonts, words, and paragraphs are known as typography. It plays an essential role in making your website user-friendly and accessible.

  • Use fewer fonts.
  • Choose fonts that can be read easily.
  • Use real text instead of text on the graphics.
  • The font size should be regular.
  • Avoid font variations.
  • The text should be static.

Optimize Images and videos

Images and videos can convey your message instantly.

  • Use alt tags for images
  • Caption the videos.
  • Avoid copyrighted material.
  • Synchronize audio with the video.
  • Use proper audio descriptions.

Format Documents properly

If you are offering documents on your website, follow these tips:

  • Tag the language you used for the document.
  • Keep your message to the point.
  • Use headers and lists.
  • Use alt tags for images.

How to test the accessibility of the website?

We can test by accessibility by using the following tools:

  • io
  • Accessibility Viewer
  • Accessibility Developer Tools
  • AChecker


When you optimize the typography, images, and videos of your website, it is more accessible to all the people. More visitors mean more sales. More sales will help you gain more profits. More profits will lead to business expansion.

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