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Best Web Hosting (2023)

The comparison of top hosting providers and their authentic reviews.

Ten factors that make a web hosting great

With hundreds of web hosting companies around, buying web hosting can be tricky, especially when you are a beginner. A good hosting company offers excellent performance, reasonable pricing, and friendly customer support.

Following are the ten factors that make a web hosting great:

  • Good hosting companies offer 99.99% of uptime, which is excellent. However, it is not true in most cases. Remember that 99.90% uptime is equal to 10 minutes of downtime/week.
  • Nobody likes limits. Unlimited bandwidth and storage are what you need for high performance. Most companies will limit you from using their resources excessively.
  • Nobody likes to wait. Page loading speed plays a vital role in a great user experience. If your website loads slower than 500ms, you are losing potential customers and visitors.
  • We can find an excellent shared hosting under $5/month. If a company charges more than this, it might not be suitable for a beginner.
  • While buying hosting, renewal prices should be checked. If renewal prices are not listed, look somewhere else as you might have to pay 3x more after a year.
  • Many hosting companies offer a free domain. It is great for newbies who have less budget.
  • A money-back guarantee of at least 30 days shows that the company will not steal your money.
  • A good hosting company always offers live chat so that the issues faced by the customers are fixed quickly. Support through email and the ticketing system is not reliable.
  • Nowadays, cPanel is preferred because of the convenience it offers. If you are a beginner and are going to buy hosting from a company that does not offer cPanel, you are inviting trouble.
  • Nobody likes to deal with anonymous companies. Good companies do not hide their identities. The address and business name of a good company are always visible on their website.
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