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Best Web Hosting (2023)

The comparison of top hosting providers and their authentic reviews.

Plesk vs. cPanel 2022- A detailed comparison

A web hosting control panel offers you full control over your hosting setup. By using the control panel, you can:

  • Add or remove domain names
  • Add, remove, or edit the files
  • Manage security of the server
  • Install the CMS of your website
  • Manage email accounts

Plesk and cPanel are the most popular web hosting control panels. In this Plesk vs. cPanel review, we will compare the features which both of them offer.

Ease of use

cPanel dashboard is easier to navigate because every section is clearly labelled. You can manage all the sites in a single dashboard.

The interface of Plesk is not divided into sections, which makes it a bit complex. Every website has a separate dashboard.


For security, SSL can be auto-installed in cPanel. Email spam filters are available. Essential security tools like CSF, IP blocker, leech protection, and two-factor authentication, etc. are present.

For security, you can configure the Plesk custom firewall. SSL can be auto-installed, and Spam filters for email are also available. Plesk also offers an antivirus tool, IP blocker, and a tool for scanning the log files.


cPanel is cheaper if you are going to host your website on an external web hosting.

Plesk is cheaper if you are going to install it on your server.


Most hosting companies offer cPanel. It is generally cheaper than Plesk. You can install the SLL certificates easily. cPanel supports Amazon Linux. It also comes with built-in backup tools.

Plesk runs on several operating systems, including Windows, Ubuntu, CloudLinux, and CentOS. It comes with WordPress toolkit for automation. SSL can be installed in seconds. With automatic bug fixes, patches, and updates, you need not worry about the WordPress security.


Depending on your own needs, you might like cPanel or Plesk. Both offer a wide number of tools and features. With almost an equal user base and communities, you won’t feel stuck when you need a helping hand.

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