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Best Web Hosting (2023)

The comparison of top hosting providers and their authentic reviews.

Our hosting review process

We have reviewed several hosting companies. Today, we are going to reveal our hosting review process. This process will make it easier for our readers to understand how we rank the hosting companies.

Buying the domain:

We buy the domain names associated with the hosting companies. If they don’t allow the use of brand names, we use slight variants.

Singing up:

We do not use free accounts, as it is unethical. So, we register on the web hosting website and choose the cheapest plan for maximum length. It allows us to get enough data.

Connecting domain with the host:

To connect the domain name with the host, we add name servers of the web hosting to our domain.

Setting up a demo site:

We set up a simple WordPress website after connecting the domain with the hosting. The same theme is used for every website. The size and structure of the theme are kept identical. It helps us to identify page load speed more accurately.

Monitoring stats:

After setting up everything, we monitor the website for one year. We use Pingdom to track the web stats. Pingdom allows us to check the uptime and speed of the host with a 1-minute interval.

Twelve months of data help us to identify how web host performed during the year.

Testing customer support:

We evaluate the customer support through the following criteria:

  • Is it easier to contact customer support?
  • What is the accuracy of the answers?
  • Is customer support responsive?

Checking features:

We evaluate the hosting companies by checking the load time, free SSL, CDN, and free domain option.

Evaluating price:

We check the pricing of the features, renewal costs, and refund options.

Writing reviews:

We write reviews by using all the information collected through all the steps.

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