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Best Web Hosting (2023)

The comparison of top hosting providers and their authentic reviews.

Internet facts and statistics 2022

Things change very quickly over time. If you want to step into the online world, You should be aware of the internet facts and statistics.

  • 54 billion active internet users are present in the world.
  • More than 50% of internet users are located in Asia.
  • With more than 99% of citizens using the internet, Kuwait has the highest number of internet users.
  • 45% of internet users use the Chrome browser.
  • The average internet connection speed across the world is 11.03 Mbps.
  • Forty thousand queries are received by Google every second.
  • With 92.07% market share, Google is the leader in search engine activity.
  • There are 3.8 billion social media users.

Interesting facts about mobile internet users

  • 18 billion people access the internet from a mobile device.
  • 61% of Google searches take place from a mobile phone.
  • With 52.4 Mbps, South Korea is a topper in terms of mobile internet speed.
  • Two hundred four billion apps were downloaded in 2019.

Domain and hosting statistics 2020

  • 3 million domain names are active.
  • .com is the most popular TLD with 362.3million domains.
  • There are more than 1.75 billion websites.
  • English and Russian are the top 2 languages of the websites.
  • With 36.2% of websites built using WordPress, it is the leading CMS.

Online business statistics 2020

  • 05 billion people prefer to shop online.
  • Amazon earned $275.86 billion in 2019.
  • The average order value of desktop users is the highest ($128.08).
  • One hundred forty million businesses use Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.
  • Social media influencers inspired 20 % of online shoppers in 2019.
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