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cPanel guide 2022- Basics of cPanel

cPanel is the most popular web control panel. It allows you to manage everything related to your web hosting account. Around 90% of all web hosting companies use cPanel.

Why use cPanel?

cPanel allows us to:

  • Install the desired CMS.
  • Connect the domain with the hosting
  • Manage the website Email accounts
  • Optimize your website
  • Protect your website
  • Check the stats
  • Install addons

cPanel login

Once you sign up for a hosting account, you are given access to cPanel. You can log in to cPanel by using the URL and details provided by the hosting provider.

Cpanel interface

Every web host offers a different layout of Cpanel, but overall the tools and labelling are the same. When you log in, you can see the navigation bar on the top right corner. By using the search field, you can find the required tools. You can change your details by clicking the user preferences. The notification bell allows you to check the notifications. The logout button next to the notification bell will enable you to log out from the account.

A sidebar is located on the left side of the screen. Here, you can see the statistics like disk usage, bandwidth usage, no.of domains, etc. User management allows you to change your details and add, edit, or delete other users.

The main interface has the following sections:


The domain section allows you to add or delete the domains. Here, you can add a new domain, subdomain, or change the document root. You can also redirect a domain to a different URL.


In the email section, you can create a new email address, edit the settings, and use the forwarders. You can also compose, send, and receive the emails by using the webmail. Mostly webmail can be accessed by typing your domain name with /webmail at the end. For example,


The files section has all the tools required to manage the files of your website. The file manager can be used to create, edit, upload, or delete the files and folders. FTP tool can be used to create a new FTP account by entering the login, domain, directory, and quota details. Back up tool is used for backing up your website.


The database section can be used for creating, editing, and managing all the databases and database users.


The software section has all the scripts required to set up your website. You can install WordPress, Joomla, forums, micro-blogs, and all the scripts required for e-commerce.

How to install WordPress?

  1. Installing WordPress through Softaculous is very easy.
  2. Click the WordPress logo.
  3. Click the install button.
  4. Choose the WordPress version, protocol, domain, and directory in the “software setup” section.
  5. Choose the site name and description in the “site settings” section.
  6. You can choose the username, password, and email in the “admin account” section.
  7. You can choose the language, plugins, and themes in respective sections.


cPanel is a powerful web control panel. You can use it to set up your website. Everything can be managed in a single dashboard. We hope you enjoyed our cPanel guide and leaned some basics of cPanel. Have questions? Let us know in the comments section.

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