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Best payment solution: Stripe vs PayPal

Every online business needs a payment solution to accept the payments. An ideal payment solution is easier, functional, and secure for the customers.

We can build a payment solution for our website. But it will take time and cost. We can use the solutions which are already available. PayPal and Stripe are popular payment solutions.

Why stipe and Paypal are a popular choice?

  • Both accept credit card payments.
  • Both accept payments from mobile apps.
  • Both can be integrated easily.
  • Both are trusted worldwide.


Paypal is working since 1998. Non-coders can easily use it. It has high-security standards. PayPal is best for freelancers and micro-businesses.


  • It can be customized to match your brands.
  • It offers a buy now button for your website.
  • Payouts are offered within one day.
  • Paypal API allows you to use android pay, Apple Pay, and Venmo. It can also be used to extract the customer database.
  • It is available in 203 countries.
  • Twenty-six currencies are accepted.
  • Bitcoins are accepted.
  • Payments from all devices can be accepted.
  • Email and phone support are available.


  • It charges a base fee of 2.9%.
  • Thirty cents are charged per transaction.
  • It is not designed for brick and mortar locations.
  • Credit card information is stored in the vault.


Stripe was founded in 2010. It is a partner of Apple Inc. Stipe is easy to use, and it offers unmatchable security. It is best for subscription services and businesses wanting a custom solution.


  • A custom checkout can be built.
  • Knowledgebase and email support are offered.
  • API can be used for custom solutions.
  • Payments can be accepted from all devices.
  • You can embed a checkout on your website.
  • Bitcoins are accepted.


  • It is limited to only seven countries.
  • There is no phone support.
  • A base fee of 2.9% is charged.
  • It charges 30 cents per transaction.

Stripe and Paypal alternatives

  1. net
  2. Square
  3. Braintree
  4. Recurly
  5. Dwolla


We compared Paypal and Stripe. Paypal is our winner because of the convenience it offers. However, keeping your business needs in mind, you might like Stripe. If you don’t like both, you can choose one of the Stripe and PayPal alternatives.

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