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Best Web Hosting (2023)

The comparison of top hosting providers and their authentic reviews.

6 Best tools to monitor your website

Do you want to receive alerts whenever your website goes down?

Do you want to monitor your website speed 24/7?

This is where web monitoring tools come into play. You can improve the performance of your website by finding strong and weak points by using these tools.

Following are six best web monitoring tools:

Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is suitable for beginners looking for a free solution.


  • It offers free 50 monitors at 5-minute intervals.
  • The premium plan offers 1000 monitors with a 1-minute monitoring interval.
  • Each plan also includes SMS alerts.


  • The free plan is lacking large operations.
  • There is no manual alert testing.
  • Page speed insights are missing
  • It has fewer server locations around the world.

Pingdom is a quite reliable tool for businesses having less budget.


  • It offers free tools such as website speed tests.
  • You can use the feedback from real users to improve your website.
  • Pingdom can test your website from servers across located in different locations.
  • They also pinpoint the causes of the problems so that you can solve them quickly.


  • It’s SMS capabilities are unreliable.
  • It doesn’t emphasize the mobile traffic.
  • It lacks servers in Asia-Pacific.

Available in various languages, Monitis is an excellent tool for those looking for all in one dashboard.


  • You can customize your plans according to your own needs.
  • You can monitor website uptime, server health, and network performance.
  • It is available in English, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • A 20% discount is offered to those who sign up for their annual plan.


  • The 15-day free trial is only offered when you sign up for a paid plan.

Site24x7 is a great tool for those looking for an affordable tool.


  • It comes with real user monitoring and feedback.
  • You can find the load time of various components of your website.
  • You receive instant alerts of downtime.
  • You can download the reports.
  • It is available in 10 languages.


  • Some users received false alerts.
  • Once you sign up, they will spam you hourly.

With built-in tools for statisticians, Uptrends is suitable for larger businesses.


  • You can customize the packages according to your own needs.
  • You can monitor transactions on your website.
  • It allows multi-user login.


  • It is pricey, especially for individuals.
  • We can get better alternatives at the same price.

Montasitc is suitable for small sites looking for a free tool without extra options.


  • The free version allows nine monitors and a 30-minutes monitoring interval.
  • You can customize features according to your needs.
  • The interface is quite simple.
  • It offers widgets for Android, Windows, and Mac.


  • A monitoring interval of 30-minutes isn’t considerable.
  • There is no dashboard.


Uptime Robot is probably the best free monitoring tool. We loved the user interface of Pingdom while Site24x7 offers more in less budget. You can start with free tools and go for paid tools if you want all the bells and whistles later on.

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